It is the policy of Connect Live LTD to promote the highest possible standards of health and safety so as to lead to the avoidance or reduction of risks to the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by their work activities, and to ensure compliance with all current legislation. In particular the ‘Health and Safety at Work ACT etc (1974)’

Connect Live LTD makes specific commitments to its clients with regards to working safely, personal safety, care of the environment and being mindful of safety when planning events.

Connect Live LTD considers that these issues are the responsibility of the Company’s management team and rank equally with that of finance, marketing, human resources and commercial issues.

The Directors, freelancers and employees that are employed by Connect Live LTD take responsibility for the implementation of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy. Such responsibilities include ut are not restricted to:

  • Ensuring that health and safety, as well as licensing obligations, venue rules and regulations are a major consideration when planning events, shows and conferences.

  • Undertaking suitable and sufficient assessments of all the foreseeable risks presented to, and posed by any of the work activities undertaken whilst On-site.

  • Ensuring staff under their control, including freelance workers and contractors are competent and fully aware of any potential hazards.

  • Informing all persons On-site of what action to take in the event of a fire, bomb threat or any other emergency, and bring the emergency fire exits and assembly points to their attention.

  • Ensuring that adequate provisions for First Aid are in place and that all staff are aware of these provisions.

  • Monitoring all plant and work equipment to ensure it is operated in a safe manner and that any safety devices that are fitted are used in the correct way.

  • Maintaining a system of good house keeping in order to reduce the risk of trip/slip hazards and fire risks.

Every freelancer that Connect Live LTD employs has received H&S Management Awareness Training and are mindful that they carry a considerable responsibility for the safety of the delegates and the public whilst events under their control are taking place.