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The McLaren Automotive 2020 Geneva Motor Show press conference was unprecedented.

The unfortunate cancellation of the show by the organisers, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, meant that an online launch with limited audience back at the McLaren headquarters was the only option.

Connect Live were faced with the challenge of removing the extensive press setup that was already installed in Geneva and shipping it back to the UK in time to rebuild a show that would take place only 4 days later on what should have been the first press day in Geneva.

What we did

We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have with our suppliers and because of this we were able to oragnise the swift removal of all the kit and the subsequent change in the trucking schedule to enable the kit to arrive back in the UK in time for the conference.

Once the kit reached the headquarters Connect Live had 48 hours to re-setup all the equipment and rehearse.

We created a simple but visually effective backdrop for the car and presenters but most importantly our crew enabled the press conference to be streamed live around the world creating very impressive social media and global press.

McLaren invited a select group of media to the press launch and the staff based at the headquarters were also there as audience.