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This was the premier McLaren 600LT global test drive for the world’s media at the Hungaroring track in Budapest. The brief was to transform the pit garages at the track into an event space that included a presentation area, a lounge/dining area and most importantly a space to effectively present the car itself. 

What we did

As is the case we most pit garages found at the most renowned race tracks round the world, they are never ‘event ready’ spaces and invariably need an amount of dressing to create a suitable space to host guests.

We wanted guests to appreciate their surroundings so we made sure we preserved the trackside feel. There were a number of garages kept for car storage and maintenance, staff breakout and then two garages used for the car display, presentations and guest hospitality.

The main feature that the PR team wanted to highlight was how lightweight the 600LT was, so this become the theme of the event.

We designed and created a display space for the car that allowed the audience to explore all detail around the 600LT and that showed the importance of weight saving. We suspended several car body parts from the ceiling using invisible wire and facts about the car were used as a graphic backdrop behind. The display not only looked impactful as the guests entered the space but was also very informative with the surrounding graphic boards. We produced large stand alone canvas backdrops that sat against the garage walls as a visually effective feature around the event space.  The car was beautifully lit in a way that worked well in the space highlighting the car in the environment in which it was on show.

The garage door was left open so guests had a clear view of the track activity while they were sat in the hospitality area.

We also included small personalised detail such as vinyl name labels on the driver helmets and towels with the 600LT logo to further enhance the guest experience.