We stay at the forefront of technology and are committed to investing in the new and latest products. Our multi skilled disciplines cover everything that is used and required with in current and future event production.

Our studio space acts as a laboratory for developing new solutions and a demonstration area. It is also the perfect environment to test our work before delivering onsite. Most importantly, of course, it’s also a place to play, helping us to explore the technologies and get the most spectacular results

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  • Video

    With 4k video more prevalent than ever, high-end mixing and distribution solutions are a must for all modern-day live events. Whether a complete Barco E2 and WatchOut setup, synchronised video wall playback on BrightSign set top boxes or a centrally managed video content repository based on Pixielabs. We also offer a variety ways of video distribution technology whether this is local IP based or webcasts over the internet

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  • Sound

    “One two, one two…!” Being heard is important, likewise video without sound is not a complete experience. We hear you and that’s why Connect Live has a full range of sound equipment from Sennheiser radio mics and d&b speakers through to Digico and Yamaha  digital sound desks. Using latest IT technologies we only go analogue at the source and run comprehensive Dante sound networks. We also have a range of wired and wireless IP comms to ensure even the people back of house are heard!

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  • Lighting

    From subtle architectural up lighting right through to theatrical, time coded and set to music product launches, we have the control and fixtures to support any event. By combining advanced video playback systems and mapped LED fixtures, this can create immersive lighting experiences with little programming. We offer a full WYSIWG suite and can use our media servers to pre-program and visualise productions before delivering onsite.

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  • Infrastructure

    Installing reliable and show critical IT infrastructures is one of the most important parts of any production. All modern systems now inter-connected, whether this being sound, video or lighting. We design and install all elements of the network, whether this is data cabling or configuration of networking hardware, enabling versatile and reliable performances. Whatever the protocol being used, we understand and ensure this is implemented into the networks we deliver.


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  • I.T.

    With information technology forming the backbone of all businesses, it’s no surprise this is also the case for live events. From a single computer running a local demo on a screen to a temporary office setup with printers and IP phones right through to large distributed networks with many switches, meshed access points and multiple end points, Connect Live has the solution to help you. We continue to invest in all the latest IT technologies and ensure all wireless technologies utilise and perform under the latest regulations.

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  • Mains

    As experts in the field of technical production, mains power distribution is one of our many specialties. Providing design and power configurations using experienced Project Managers, competent and qualified Electricians as well as an extensive stock with over 20,000 meters of single-phase cable, 3km of three phase cable, 100’s of distribution boxes and thousands of end of line UK and international sockets. Connect Live can provide and install fully tested equipment and provide support to any event.

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For further informtiaon on any of our technologies or if you would like to discuss any project specific requirements or simply to come and see us and our demo suite – the kettle is always on-  then please email us or complete the form below.

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